CITYCOM Universal Measurement System


CITYCOM control and management system


  • Open code software, with the ability to easily interface with various meters and sensors
  • Supports effective water resource management
  • Provides accurate water consumption information
  • Convenient graphical data presentation
  • User-friendly and intuitive software
  • Historical segmented data presentation
  • GIS data overview



Detailed data collection

  • Historical data collection
  • Detailed and segmented data presentation
  • Detailed data presentation:
    Smart meter, Flow, Consumption, Alarms, Battery alarm, Leak report, Broken pipe, Tampering, Revers flow and more.


Interface with existing software systems

  • Loading master files
  • Priority Systems integration
  • Configuration and "water trees" for depreciation circuit settings


Google mapping

  • Google GIS based meter location
  • Clients GIS software interface option
  • Easy meter identification and location


Alarm setting

  • Real-time customer alerts, notification and reports
  • Quick and efficient identification of exceptional usage in targeted areas


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