GCT of Gaon Group Ltd. is an experienced developer of high-end advanced water metering software and hardware systems.

GCT develops communication systems, control software, transmitting water meters and a variety of interfaces and complementary technologies to create the most advanced AMR/AMI system in the market.

The company aims to create unlimited options for the water corporations in choosing the equipment and using existing equipment. The open interface that has been developed and interfacing with water transmitters from other systems, opens up the possibility of choosing the most appropriate equipment while saving significant money.

The GCT development team includes teams for developing software systems and hardware systems. The close cooperation of the managers of the development teams with the establishment teams of Medi Vared ensures continuous development and above all a quick response to the needs of the market and customers.

Serving a variety of markets and diverse applications, including:

municipalities, water corporations, industry, agriculture, institutional sectors and more.


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